MEMEX Inc. Accessibility Policy

Commitment to accessibility

Memex is committed to accommodating persons with disabilities. We do our best to make sure that our policies, practices, and procedures promote dignity, inclusion, equality and opportunity for persons with disabilities.

Staff training

We ensure that our employees are trained to consider persons with disabilities. Our training includes how to accommodate visitors with disabilities to our offices and how to help people use our goods, publications, and services.

Communications and information

We will do our best to communicate with you in a way that meets your needs. We will use plain language in our documents and publications where we can. We will respond to your questions, comments, and requests in a timely way.

We will make our best efforts to provide our information and publications in accessible formats upon request. Contact or call 905-635-1540.

Assistive devices or Support Persons

You may bring a support person or assistance device if necessary. Please contact the AODA Administrator so that we can accommodate you accordingly.

Service animals

You may bring a service animal to our offices.

Requesting an accommodation

To ask for an accommodation or help using or accessing any publication, good, or service, you can contact us via e-mail at or call 905-635-1540, and we will arrange appropriate assistance. Please give us as much notice as you can.


To comment on how we provide access to our offices, goods, publications, and services, contact:

Linda Keown – AODA Administrator

105-3425 Harvester Rd.

Burlington ON, L7N 3N1

Tel: 905-635-1540 email:


We reply to all requests, comments, and complaints. If we can’t respond immediately, we will provide you information on when you may expect a reply.