MERLIN Tempus Enterprise Edition (EE)

Enhancing the value of time with ERP connectivity and job scheduling

MEMEX - Manufacturing Productivity

MERLIN Tempus Enterprise Edition (EE) smart manufacturing software extends the capabilities of MERLIN Tempus with full Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a dynamic job scheduler and connectivity to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

ERP data measures the overhead costs of the manufacturing process. An example is when a factory’s customer calls to find out where an order is. Without MERLIN Tempus EE, the factory’s front office team has to go find out the work order, and physically ask about and locate where the parts are on the plant floor. But equipped with an ERP-connected MERLIN Tempus EE dashboard, they instantly know where the part is in the manufacturing process and when it will be finished and ready to ship.

MERLIN Tempus EE feeds the ERP system with real-time data so that the ERP becomes much more relevant. It takes the mystery out of meeting customer deadlines and expectations.

Everyone connected to the factory floor can instantly determine where a work order is in the manufacturing process. Everyone has visibility and transparency as to what is going on and what has happened. This is in sharp contrast to low-level machine monitoring solutions that offer no ERP tie-in, operator portal, email alerts, or job scheduler as MERLIN Tempus EE does.

With its modular software architecture, MERLIN Tempus EE also empowers factory teams to seamlessly integrate future smart manufacturing technologies.

Enterprise Edition Features

Features above and beyond those offered by MERLIN Tempus:

  • Easy to upgrade from current version of MERLIN and MERLIN Tempus
  • Performance tracking of jobs against product standards
  • Product and part definitions
  • Priority and alternate machine routing
  • Support for inventory lead times
  • Support for setup and changeover times
  • Dynamic visual job scheduling of operation steps
  • Labor tracking against operations
  • Multiple operator login against machines, cells, or workgroups
  • Unlimited machine state descriptions
  • Unlimited part reject descriptions against jobs
  • Dynamic “Metrics Widgets” for real-time visualizations
  • Dynamic data exchange between MERLIN and other applications which support Web sockets, APIs and JSON generation

Standard Features:

  • Enjoy whole shop floor visibility
  • Improve overall efficiencies across the enterprise
  • Find the “Hidden Factory” by uncovering the unused machine capacity
  • Improve team performance and foster cooperation across the enterprise
  • Reduce chronic down-time, improving productivity
  • Generate higher levels of throughput and profits
  • Empower your lean initiatives
  • Build continuous improvement initiatives based on accurate, actionable data
  • Uncover trends and correlations to improve workflow
  • Validate flowlines and cell throughput
  • Identify and improve changeover and setup times
  • Identify constraints within value-streams and flowlines
  • Identify fractured production habits
  • Identify operational constraints
  • Uncover micro stoppages that impact utilization
  • Identify production sapping trends
  • Validate capacity requirements for CAPEX justification
  • Enjoy unrestricted shift creation
  • Dynamic data exchange between MERLIN and other applications which support Web sockets, APIs and JSON generation

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