Magellan Aerospace Testimonial

April 24, 2013   Customer Testimonials

Magellan Aerospace, a landing gear manufacturer, pointed out that they found major benefits by using MERLIN, specifically with the event chart that tracks every state of the machine in a real-time and historical analytical strip chart format.

1) They identified and reduced M01 states (optional stop in the G-code programming) to a net increase in capacity machining of 100 hours per month per machine!  Multiply that by the hourly machining cost and it is a significant real dollar value!

2) One of their machines they were able to double the machining time, so a 100+% gain in efficiency!

This extra machining capacity meant not having to purchase more machines and they were better able to make on-time deliveries to their customers.

“The Memex system is working great; the assistance is A+++”

Continuous Improvement Manager