MEMEX Inc. brings to you MERLIN OPTime, your on-ramp to data-driven manufacturing and IIoT absolutely FREE.


Connect MERLIN OPTime to one or all of your MTConnect® enabled machines on the shop floor to receive Real–Time analytics on an informative dashboard. Making it easy for you to make informed decisions in your quest to increase productivity.

  • Assess Machine State:MERLIN OPTime provides feedback on your machines state in terms of uptime and downtime.
  • Measure Machine Utilization: MERLIN OPTime enables views of current machine utilization in addition to utilization trends
  • Identify Bottlenecks: By providing the current state of various machine components, MERLIN OPTime enables you to quickly identify machine problems and potential bottlenecks.
  • Recognize Optimization Opportunities: MERLIN OPTime reports utilization trends in terms of uptime and downtime percentages. Analysis of these trends bring to light optimization opportunities that exists to boost productivity.

Features & Benefits


  • Simple, fast installation
  • Automatic configuration of typical MTConnect tags such as execution, controller mode, overrides, part program name and parts made
  • Dynamic colour feedback of whether a machine asset is running or not
  • Real-time Utilization gauge
  • 8-hour rolling utilization trending chart
  • Ability to configure any MTConnect tag for display
  • Capability to configure an event to reflect whether the machine is running or not
  • Capacity to add and display multiple devices and agents


  • Real-Time visibility of machine assets enables fast response to machine issues
  • Efficiency feedback derived by accurate MTConnect driven utilization trend
  • Objective comparison of operation time
  • Accessibility to operational and process information with no effort
  • Instant access with a view anywhere dashboard
  • Freemium dashboard written utilizing the latest HTML 5 IDE tools

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