Dynamic Computer Aided Machining (DCAM)


Do you have the need to dynamically adjust your machine based on the direct conditions of the machining?

Are you affected by temperature variations, cutting speed, worn tools, dynamic pitch, material stresses or other factors that need to be compensated for?

Then you need Adaptive Control capability, Dynamic Computer Aided Machining (DCAM)

You can have the machine Modify Code on the fly!

Let the system work for you — help automate your automation.

Memex is now able to connect virtually all CNC machine tools leveraging our Dynamic Computer Aided Machining (DCAM) model. Our goal is to provide a universal machine interface that makes every machine more productive.

Production Managers can now monitor the status of every machine in their plant, giving real time visibility of production.  “The benefits of machine monitoring and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) numbers lead directly to increased productivity.  Our customers typically see between 10 and 50% increases in shop floor efficiency, and in some cases have seen up to 100%, delivering more value than the cost of a new machine.” says Memex President & CEO Dave McPhail.  Large multi-national manufacturers and leading aerospace companies have started adopting this technology. McPhail adds, “It’s like a low cost retrofit – we now can start automating the automation.”

OEE+DNC delivers Productivity Enhancements and can Reduce Operating Costs — Turn it into Profit.

Ax9150 UMI is the first product to utilize this revolutionary way part programs are managed on your factory floor. Easy installation on any control with configuration utility and our proven, patent-pending, Dynamic Computer Aided Machining (DCAM) is incorporated in the Ax9150 UMI. DCAM allows the Pre-Processing of G Code directly attached to the control to make dynamic adjustments to the machine.

Machine Monitoring & Adaptive Control: If you can Measure it, then you can Manage it!

Dynamic Computer Aided Machining will someday obsolete traditional serial DNC and memory upgrades.

Smart Execution of CNC Part Programs

Real Time Processing Applications:

  • Real time knowledge of what is happening on the shop floor.
  • Rewriting the part program file on the fly, as predefined conditions dictate, adaptable as configured.
  • Part program files and the DNC application are stored locally so production can continue unaffected.
  • Automated Offset Adjustment • Broken Tool Detection
  • Tool Tip Automation can provide adaptive control and simple feedback.
  • Thermal Compensation • Dynamic Pitch Compensation
  • Internet Connect your machines direct to your customer orders.

Holonic Manufacturing deals with adaptive machine control using rules based autonomous control.

Benefits of DCAM:

  • Maximize utilization of machines = Uptime
  • Production improvements
  • Operator productivity increases
  • Automated & Accurate = Quality
  • Enhance old machines to “New” performance
  • Real-time machine visibility with OEE metrics