Customer Installations


In the manufacturing business, time is money.  With Memex tools and solutions, our customers have been able to minimize their downtime and maximize their revenue and profitability.  The Memex solution MERLIN is described as a Manufacturing Execution System, executing the work orders generated by an ERP system and sending the accurate results back to the central ERP database. It is vertically integrated, shop floor to top floor as well as horizontally integrated across the shop floor.  Manufacturing operations management is all about effective communications on the plant floor, and this is what MERLIN does.

Having historical data, traceability of every machine event and state is most powerful information and the best way to do reporting of machine data, is using an Extract, Load, and Go in XML technology which MERLIN uses.  The solution is fast, highly flexible, and it can be installed in any machine.  Typically, our customers see an increase in productivity on the shop floor anywhere from 10% to 50%.  They have also noticed that our solution improves human, as well as machine to machine communications.  The Memex solution is revolutionizing the way manufacturing companies operate by improving productivity on the shop floor.

There is a need to be able to “visualize” how our machine monitoring system works and to be able to relate it to your plant, specific machine, or work cells.  To that end we have found the best way to experience machine monitoring and OEE data collection is to physically connect our machine monitoring solution to one of your machines & see it in operation directly.

Memex offers a Trial Pilot Program in preparation of your planned plant installation project to ease your assessment of the viability and business benefits of our machine monitoring solution.  It is a pre-packaged trial pilot program involving our industry leading Universal Machine Interface hardware and latest generation OEE Productivity software as well as remote installation support services to make it work.  The trial pilot process allows you to experience our system dynamically, in anticipation of your larger plant operation. When you choose to proceed with a larger plant installation project, 100% of the cost of the pilot is credited to future purchases.