Rose Integration

January 25, 2013   Case Studies

Industry: Precision Machining

Company Profile

   Rose Integration is a major supplier of precision machined components and complex mechanical assemblies to the defense and aerospace markets.  Founded in 1980 and located out of Carleton Place, Ontario, the Rose Integration plant works round the clock, 24/7, to manufacture and distribute many different types of component parts.  They specialize in working with difficult and rare materials while maintaining their reputation for having a high quality product.   Their philosophy of “Support the Internal Customer” emphasizes that the machine operator is the focal point of efficiency for the entire plant.


   Rose Integration was a traditional manufacturing company that had 30 machines all operating independently as islands of automation.  There was no network on the shop floor and very little visibility of what was going on at the machine itself.  They realized that it was time for a change.  They needed a system that would better the productivity of their machines and accurately track the cycle time to measure exactly what was happening in production.  They also needed a system that could track performance, allowing them to improve their estimating abilities and cost accuracy, all through continuous improvement and Lean value stream mapping techniques.


   The Memex MERLIN-OEE solution matched all of their requirements – availability, performance, and quality with a full traceability of the exact clock for all the defined events on the machine.  The Memex MERLIN OEE and DNC products attached directly to each machine, providing local memory, embedded software, high speed network connectivity, real-time automatic machine state and data collection.  In addition, every machine tool can be monitored from any networked computer from anywhere in the plant.  With the Memex MERLIN-OEE software installed on the first 6 machines, Rose was on track for a 25% improvement in efficiency on the shop floor, and set to roll out the solution on all 32 machines in the plant.


  • 25% improvement in shop floor efficiency
  • Improving capacity and saving the need to buy new machines,
  • 20% reduction in downtime due to first off part inspection time
  • 24/7 shop floor accountability/visibility for all shifts
  • Unified objective data collection and reporting across disparate machines
  • Tracking accurate cycle time of the machines