Machine Control Interface Board

Part of the MEMEX smart manufacturing tool-kit, the MERLIN AC650 is an I/O Link for any NC/CNC Machine Tool Controller. It provides a quick and easy way to find and monitor signals of your machine.

Monitor any signal from the machine and listen to the “heartbeat” of the machine without disruption. Designed to passively monitor any Controller’s I/O. It is a natural complement to MEMEX’s Ax9150 Universal Machine Interface board for OEE+DNC.

Features & Benefits


  • Essentially a “Cable Sniffer”
  • Plug the controllers I/O bus 50 pin Honda connector and/or 50 IDC connector compatible cable into one end of the board and connect the supplied cable back into the controller
  • Can use T-style 3 connector 50 pin IDC cable for passive signal monitoring
  • Allows a direct connection to the MERLIN Ax9150 UMI
  • Can provide power and common (0 VDC) to the Ax9150 UMI
  • Connection is determined by first measuring the voltage across 2 relevant pins, and then simply apply solder to the matrix provided to lock in the connection
  • 8 LED’s provided for visual signal ON/OFF status
  • Simple Phoenix style quick disconnect connectors for power and I/O
  • IN/OUT expansion headers included
  • Allows one to one (pin to pin) I/O interface with the Memex Ax9150 board
  • Can configure and monitor any input or output signals to be used with other devices
  • Easy magnetic mount (screw-less) anywhere in the metal cabinet


  • Reduce installation costs
  • Can easily synthesize any signals of the machine.
  • Passive listening, non-intrusive installation
  • Easy to install – Saves hours of time in installing and finding signals per machine
  • No messy wires, cabling – a compact functional unit
  • Preliminary step to any OEE system

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