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Productivity Boosting ERP Interface – Automatic Data Collection

Download Data from ERP – Upload Results to ERP

The ERP Connector is an integrated module of AxConfig Server. The utility supports a bi-synchronous import and export facility for work orders and respective operational information from a customer’s business system. Memex supplies a standard data layout template in which the customer exports the ERP (or similar) work order information to a specific shared folder location. Once the work orders on the shop floor are completed and/or at shift end the results are automatically exported back into the same data format for the customer to import into their ERP system.

The ERP Connector:

  1. Continually scans the selected directory, or mapped drive as specified for ERP flat files.
  2. Automatically prioritizes and queues transactions by date/time stamp.
  3. Performs automatic data integrity tests on the data received within the ERP generated flat files.
  4. Outputs actual operational data collected against the work order upon completion or in real-time.

Benefits of OEE/ERP Integration:

  • Accurate OEE shop floor data, automatically.
  • Eliminate data entry or scanning delays, real-time.
  • Minimize errors found in manual input systems.
  • Improve inventory accuracy, auto part counts.
  • Provide accurate job costing data.