Plant Clarity

October 7, 2014   Dealers - MERLIN OEE

Serving: The UK and Europe

Plant Clarity is an authorized MERLIN OEE & MES Partner that is located in the UK, covering the Europe market.  Discover your hidden shop potential with MERLIN, as it gives you real-time and historical tracking of the performance of all of your machine tools.  MERIN is compatible with any machine (old or new), can function in multiple languages, and has customisable dashboards, reports and reason codes.

MERLIN features seamless integration with any ERP system using open protocols, and can download work orders and product standards, and report back to the ERP system with what was actually accomplished.  Top floor management are aware of exactly what is happening on their shop floor without any extra reporting.

Join our growing list of customers that have improved shop floor performance from 10%-50% in months.