Memex Automation Cites Robert C. Hansen on OEE Profitability

June 22, 2011   Articles

Originally published online by SBW!RE. Link to full article here.

According to John Rattray of Memex Automation, “We consider [Robert C. Hansen’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness: A Powerful Production/Maintenance Tool for Increased Profits] to be the premier book on the principles of OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness.  Hansen demonstrates that for a manufacturer, a 10% improvement in OEE can generate a 60+% improvement to EBIT – representing millions of dollars to the bottom line profit.”  Rattray notes, “Hansen’s text brings together both the social and technical aspects of successful manufacturing and processing.  I would have paid many times over to have such a book at the start of my manufacturing career.  The book is a practitioner’s primer; it demonstrates how to apply and improve overall equipment effectiveness at your factory or processing plant.  Picture yourself facing a majestic mountain that represents performance excellence at its peak. Every factory or processing plant represents a mountain, and no two are exactly the same.  In fact, each changes whenever its products, processes, materials, or people change.  Achieving excellence is a continuous climb.”