June 27, 2016   Partners

MERLIN’S plant productivity results impressed Mazak to the extent that it named MEMEX to its exclusive Value Inspired Partner (VIP) program. Mazak selects VIP partners that share its same forward-thinking approach to manufacturing. According to the company, MEMEX makes the perfect VIP partner because Mazak knows first-hand how the company can help create factories of the future today. And, like Mazak, MEMEX believes in continuous innovation, boosting manufacturing productivity via digital interconnectedness and helping customers achieve the best possible competitive advantage.

The partner announcement underscores how Mazak is paving the way in digital resource productivity via its iSMART Factory concept, an all-encompassing vision that harnesses the power of connectivity to optimize manufacturing operations at every level.

As a VIP partner, MEMEX will continue to collaborate with Mazak on ways to continue to transform its iSMART Factory. The two companies will also work together to make data-driven manufacturing highly accessible to Mazak customers. MERLIN plays a critical role in the iSMART Factory concept by allowing Mazak to monitor its productivity and overall equipment effectiveness metrics from anywhere and always in real-time. The MTConnect® open communications protocol works in conjunction with MERLIN to harvest the data from all the different assembly stations, production floor machines, cells, devices and processes.

About Mazak’s Value Inspired Partner Program

Launched in 2010 to provide customers with total manufacturing solutions, our Value Inspired Partners (VIP) program brings together leading producers of complementary technologies for Mazak machines to create more innovative products and turnkey processes.

By collaborating on R&D and integration efforts, the VIP program fosters a high level of cooperation and technological integration that moves well beyond individual pieces of equipment. The program also fuels development of comprehensive training solutions for manufacturers across all market segments.

VIP partners must:

  • Be a recognized leader with unique, innovative and high-quality products,
  • Provide extensive pre- and post-sales support,
  • Add value to customer processes and provide system solutions,
  • Maintain a culture of ethical business standards and practices.
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