January 25, 2013   Case Studies

Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing

Company Profile

Héroux-Devtek is a leading provider of manufacturing landing gear to aircraft producers worldwide.  With their headquarters residing in Longueuil, Quebec, they have ten different locations across North America which enables them to design and manufacture aircraft landing gear, aero-structure and other industrial components to be distributed worldwide.  They encompass an ever-growing role in aerospace and industrial product marketplaces, so in order for them to meet the high demand for their products, their manufacturing plants need to be able to run smoothly and deliver both quality and quantity.


Héroux-Devtek was looking for a way to increase efficiency in all areas of machine productivity.  They wanted to have an updated and automated method of measuring machine utilization and the same kind of unified computerized connectivity on the factory floor as they had in their front office.  They wanted this solution to be implemented throughout all of their manufacturing sites across North America.


The goal was to better the productivity of their machines and to track the performance and problems in real-time.  The Memex MERLIN-OEE fit the bill perfectly as it tracks availability, performance, and quality with full traceability of the exact clock for all defined events on the machine.  This allows the company to have a detailed log of what exactly happened to each machine.  By utilizing the information that was received from the factory floor, they were able to operate at a much higher machine utilization, and realized that they can improve processes and reduce downtime.  Héroux-Devtek was thrilled with the results and currently has the MERLIN-OEE software installed throughout all of their North American plants.


  • Operating at a 90% increase in OEE
  • Increased productivity arising from visibility of production
  • Real-time status and weekly reports
  • Operating at a much higher machine utilization than the Memex output indicated
  • Saved on buying new machines, were able to utilize the current ones better
  • Revenue is higher and costs are down, giving them a competitive edge

This is what Sébastien Caron – Plant Manager for Héroux-Devtek had to say about the Memex MERLIN-OEE system:

“Our biggest differentiator is productivity.  We had passive OEE and now we have active OEE.”

“The key to better productivity is not just to track performance, but to act on problems in real-time.”

“We now have a tool to communicate to the people on the shop floor that our performance can improve. Customers can see and believe in what we’re doing to improve on time delivery”

“The OEE data provided improves human as well as machine-to-machine communications.”

“We believe we can use Memex data to motivate employees with a shared understanding of how we can be more productive, and that’s what it’s all about.”