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Achieve maximum machine utilization With MERLIN DNC load, run (drip-feed) and save CNC programs with up to 1,000 machines simultaneously.  It works with machines equipped with Ethernet, RS-232C and tape reader communication interfaces. MERLIN DNC offers: Accurate and reliable part program transfer Reduce setup time to keep machine running at maximum utilization Minimizing machine errors […]

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Dostek Behind-the-Tape Reader (BTR)

Maintenance-free punched tape replacement for NC/CNC machine tools. The Behind-the-Tape Reader (BTR) is an affordable RS-232C serial port retrofit for older NC/CNC machine tools.  The BTR replaces the machine’s tape reader, letting you integrate your older machine tools into a modern DNC system. The BTR simplifies operation and reduces set-up time by letting you load […]

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Choose MERLIN Dostek DNC for easy and reliable CNC communication and file management. With MERLIN Dostek DNC, you get the time-saving features you need, without complicated extras. You can effortlessly upload, download, drip-feed, edit and manage CNC program files.

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