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There is no IIoT without Real-Time data. True Shop – Floor – to – Top – Floor connectivity can :

  •  Enhance all facets of manufacturing using evidence based Real-Time data collected from each machine and discreet process
  • Increase throughput & ensure efficient reporting  directly to and from ERP
  • Drive the circle of  continuous improvement & lean manufacturing
  • Create tangible, compelling business outcomes

Discover the award winning IIoT Real-Time manufacturing analytic solution by MEMEX; MERLIN, your key to the digital factory of the future.


OEE Solutions Webinar Videos

A Fast way to learn about the product line

Below is a list of short videos on topics covered in Memex’s OEE Solution Series webinars. These are proprietary and confidential to Memex, designed to communicate and educate companies engaged with Memex for a potential business relationship, and are not for general widespread distribution.

1.  OEE Overview:


2.  Real Time Dashboard:


3.  Financial OEE ROI:


4.  The Industry Leader:


5.  Automated Data Collection:


6.  Operator Interface – RFID, Bar Code, HMI:


7.  Data Model:


8.  Configurable Adapter:


9.  Hardware Boards:


10.  Customer Installations:


11.  Machine Detail:


12.  Reporting:


13.  Data Tables:


14.  Shop Floor Designer:


15.  ERP Integration:


OEE Interview with Robert Hansen

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operation, this interview by Ryan Hildebrandt of Plant Clarity and OEE author and consultant Robert Hansen, will highlight the financial link to OEE data and help you avoid common pitfalls when starting to monitor OEE. Robert is the author of “Overall Equipment Effectiveness: A Powerful Production/Maintenance Tool for Increased Profits” and has helped numerous factories implement an OEE monitoring and continuous improvement strategy.

In the interview, Robert and Ryan cover:

  • A quick back-of-the-napkin calculation to show you whether your operation is right for OEE monitoring
  • How to ensure there is buy-in and excitement for monitoring OEE at each level of your organisation
  • Why collecting OEE data manually (rather than with an automatic link to the machines) may be a waste of time
  • If you’re already monitoring OEE but haven’t seen any results, what you may be doing wrong
  • What profit increases you should be seeing as a result of monitoring OEE (and what to do if you’re not)

The interview is broken down into 10 questions, and therefore 10 short video segments, in the playlist below.

Mazak Testimonial

“The implementation of MTConnect is one of the simplest and fastest ways to improve productivity and increase machine utilization.  Mazak’s MTConnect implementation provided the highest ROI for any capital investment because of the significant increase in utilization of equipment for a very moderate expenditure.”

– Brian Papke, President of Mazak Corp., as stated to the President of AMT at IMTS2014.

Modern Machine Shop posted the article Data Driven Manufacturing Moves Ahead at Mazak.  Mazak, the largest machine tool manufacturer in the world, has selected Memex’s MERLIN to be implemented at their world class manufacturing facility in Florence, KY, after a thorough evaluation of global vendors.  MERLIN is also available for purchase directly from Mazak. posted the article Mazak uses MERLIN MES and MTConnect at Kentucky plant Results include 42% improvement in machine Utilization, 100 hours of reduced operator overtime per month and 400 hours per month of previously outsourced work that was returned to Mazak.

Today’s Medical Developments posted the article Benefits of a Networked Plant (flip to page 22) in its July issue online about Mazak’s experience with MERLIN.

A great video presentation about the use of MERLIN at Mazak, the world’s largest machine tool builder, by the VP of Manufacturing, Ben Schawe.  Improved Utilization Through Machine Monitoring.

On the IMTS show floor with Canada’s Memex Automation

Manufacturing AUTOMATION caught up with Burlington, Ont.’s Memex Automation while at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. Company president David McPhail gave us a demo of MERLIN, Memex’s manufacturing operations management system. Take a look.

Uncovering the Hidden Factory — and Connecting it to the Business

Industry Week – September 11, 2014

How do you move from the traditional “disconnected” manufacturing model to a connected digital model?

You start with data, asserts David McPhail, CEO of Memex Automation, and then you connect it to the business–that’s right: “shop floor to the top floor.”

“Start with having the data on your shop floor contextualized and put into a database,” he advises. “Have the data that the machines are creating right now, that you’re not tracking, and track it, and connect them.” That allows companies to calculate OEE and to tie profitability and productivity directly together.

“If you don’t have the data, you’re throwing darts, you’re just guessing,” he quips.

“Connectivity is the most important piece,” McPhail adds. “It enables the foundation by which all of these other applications can consume the data and create value.

Easier said than done, though Memex Automation has hardware-software solutions to help — as do other companies exhibiting at IMTS 2014.

McPhail asserts that the solution his company provides can move equipment’s OEE from 32% to “world class at 85%–it’s almost like fining an additional factory and a half in capacity.”

But it’s not all just equipment and software; it’s also about how the solution empowers the workforce.

“Typically 5% to 10% of the improvement comes just from involving the shop floor with the top floor,” explains McPhail. “Having the operator being engaged… [and] part of the solution, rather than just pointing out there’s a problem. Having the operator be proactive and be able to effect change on the shop floor. We give them the tools to do that now.”

Interviewing Memex at IMTS 2014

Industry Week Magazine YouTube Channel – Sept 10, 2014 – Memex Automation CEO, David McPhail, talks about the productivity gains possible by tapping into industrial big data.

If you cannot see the video, please click here.

IMTS TV Video Profile of Memex Automation

IMTS TV – September 10, 2014

An in-depth look at some of the exciting technology found in the exhibitors’ booths.

Dave Edstrom and David McPhail of Memex Automation explain how MTConnect and the new Ax760MTC board can  improve productivity and profitability.

Canadian Tech Brings MTConnect to Older Systems

Rob Colman of MP&P interviews Memex Automation’s President and CEO, David McPhail, on the newest innovation launched at IMTS 2014, the Ax-760 MTC CNC hardware adapter that connects all machines no matter the make, model or vintage.