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Frost & Sullivan recognizes MEMEX Inc. as 2016 Global Product leader in Machine Monitoring System

January 19, 2017   Articles, Press Releases

Frost & Sullivan Commends MEMEX’s Impressive Technical Expertise in Developing its Flagship Machine Monitoring and Automation Solution, MERLIN into a Robust IIoT platform SANTA CLARA, California, Jan. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Based on its recent analysis of the global machine monitoring systems market, Frost & Sullivan has recognized MEMEX Inc. with the 2016 Global Frost & […]

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MEMEX wins 2016 Global Machine Monitoring System Product Leadership Award

December 12, 2016   Articles, Recent News

Frost & Sullivan has a global team of analysts and consultants continuously researching a wide range of markets across multiple sectors and geographies. As part of this ongoing research, they identify companies that maintain consistently high standards for product or service quality and innovation, allowing them to form deep relationships with their customers. This research […]

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OEE May Not Be Enough

December 8, 2016   Articles, Recent News

Columns: 12/1/2016 | CONTRIBUTED BY DAVE EDSTROM ,Chief Technology Officer , Memex Overall equipment efficiency (OEE) is a critical measurement of how well a manufacturing unit is doing. But shops should also focus on profitability, which is where Financial OEE comes in. Analyzing FOEE helps a shop understand how machine performance is helping (or hurting) […]

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The IIoT or Industry 4.0: Who will win?

October 12, 2016   Articles, Recent News

Written by Dave Edstrom & David McPhail, Memex | Tuesday October 11, 2016 Oct. 11, 2016 – At Memex, we are frequently asked questions about both the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0. The questions usually start off, “What do you see happening in [IIoT/Industry 4.0]?” The conversation will quickly zero in on […]

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Sophic Capital

Cisco and MEMEX partner to win the secure IIoT Market

July 21, 2016   Articles, Investor News

Kicking Some Digital Ass in Las Vegas July 21, 2016 | Sophic Capital | Sean Peasgood & Marcel Valentin   99% of manufacturing machine data is trapped inside the machines. Real-time machine data is essentially non-existent because manufacturers fear security breaches in a net worked machine environment. Unlocking this data via secure networks and allowing […]

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mazak cisco memex

Can Connectivity Be Converted to Competitiveness?

July 19, 2016   Articles, Recent News

Robert Brooks | July 6 2016 | American Machinist Manufacturers need more convincing; new PLCs, switches, and platforms aim to cut through the fog and make a performance-based case for IoT 92% of machines disconnected Pluggable micro-services, and more Low-power-wide-area network Fully integrated process software For all the enthusiastic predictions from high-tech analysts, manufacturers seem […]

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mazak cisco memex

Two New Devices Focus on Securely Accessing Data in Legacy Machines

May 6, 2016   Articles, Recent News

April 20, 2016 | Brett Brune | Smart Manufacturing magazine A trio of Mazak, Memex and Cisco is beginning to sell SmartBox, a device meant to securely manage manufacturing data—information on axes, spindles, temperatures, cutting times, downtimes and part counts, for starters—culled from machines that have been laboring in a sort of silence for decades. At the […]

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cio review

Towards a Service – Oriented Business with Connected Machines

March 8, 2016   Articles

Mazak Corporation is pulling ahead of its competitors with an innovative connected machine deployment. A global leader in the design and manufacture of machine tools, Mazak has partnered with Cisco and machine – to – machine solutions provider MEMEX Inc. to drastically improve digital integration across all its processes.

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